July 21, 2024

Six Flags New Reservation System for entering parks

Once Six Flags parks start to reopen – You will be required to make a reservation or get on a wait-list to visit the park even if your a pass holder or have a membership. Lets explore this new system and what we know so far.

You will start off by going to sixflags.com/reserve to get to the reservation system page before a planned visit.

How does the Reservation system work? Well according to Six Flags Site,

Anyone with a ticket, Season Pass or Membership will be able to make a reservation by visiting sixflags.com/reserve. The web-based process takes 5-7 minutes and will include the following:

  • Identify yourself by entering your online order number or ticket, or Season Pass number
  • Select the date you want to visit, and the time you wish to enter
  • Watch a brief video that describes new social distancing and sanitization procedures
  • Acknowledge your understanding of our health policy and associated restrictions on entering the park
  • Order pre-paid parking, masks and other merchandise (if desired or necessary)

We will contact you electronically (either by email, text or both) the day before your visit to verify that you still plan to come and to remind of our health policy. When you arrive at the park you’ll check in, pick up any masks or bags you pre-ordered, and then enter the park.

Why is Six Flags implementing a reservation system?

In the interest of meeting national, regional, and expert social distancing guidelines, we will be setting capacity limits for each of our parks. Without a reservation system, there is the risk that more guests will show up than we are able to accommodate. Our reservation system allows guests to know in advance, before they arrive at the park whether they will be allowed to enter.

The reservation system also allows us to limit the number of guests at the front gate at any given time (thereby eliminating overcrowding). Whenever a new reservation is made, the guest selects not just the date they want to visit, but also the time (based on availability). On the day of their visit, they will be allowed to enter only during the time period they initially selected.

The reservation system will go online for each park shortly before operations resume. During the initial reopening phase, only our Members and Season Pass Holders will be granted access to the system. After a set period of time, other tickets holders will be invited to make reservations, too.


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