July 21, 2024

Cedar Fair All Park Passport Add-On (NEW)

We are offering you a new way to access multiple Cedar Fair parks with your 2024 Cedar Point Season Pass. Introducing the new All Park Passport, a premium season pass add-on that provides unlimited fun at all our parks.

What is the All Park Passport? 

All Park Passport is a premium season pass add-on available for purchase with a 2024 Cedar Point Gold or Prestige pass. Instead of purchasing a separate pass product, this add-on now grants you access to all parks in the Cedar Fair family with either a Gold or Prestige pass. Not only that, but your Gold and Prestige benefits are also valid at other parks as well. The All Park Passport is $100 with the purchase of a 2024 Gold Pass and $125 with the purchase of a 2024 Prestige Pass. 

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